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2007 Cadillac CTS


Cadillac CTS

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  • We jumped the starter relay with a jumper wire and the vehicle started We let it run then shut it off to try to start it with the key It started with the key everytime we tried after the first start We let it sit over night and tried to start it the next morning We found d it was acting like the vehicle was being stolen and wouldn't start It started after jumping the solenoid again and it did everything all over We replaced the battery with a new one and vehicle started right up every time we tried We let vehicle sit over night to test in the morning and found that the battery is dead Vehicle has a paracidic draw and need to be diaged and the draw fixed Using a multimeter, we found that the vehicle had an excessive amp draw caused by something electrical not shutting off We tested fuses and relays to figure out which one was causing the draw We found that the relay for the ac compressor was malfunctioning causing it to stay on at all times We removed the relay and installed a known good relay We found d that the amp draw drop back down to a normal acceptable value after doing so We will put the vehicle out and park it and check on it in the morning to see if the battery is drained again ***Car sat for several days and started as it should after***
Bruce M. gave our service a 5 star review on 9/29/2022
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